Friday, June 03, 2005

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LOL couldn't help it, for those of you who know the older version of TV, that's how they always announced commercials. I just wanted you all to know that I sell some supply's at my e-bay site. If you would like to see them your welcome too. I'll be offering even more supplies as the weeks go on, so if you do E-bay put me on your favorites. Go to and go on a seller search, and you'll find me under "Drgncoll" I only list a certain amount of stuff each week, but I have tons of Wiccian stuff that isn't up on the site yet, besides some other weird stuff. LOL

Here's some spells for Home and Hearth. This one is a mantra that I say every morning. I just have it typed up and posted on the wall by my computer. I love to read it every morning just for added protection:

By the light and heart of the earth.
I forbid all evil spirits my bedstead and couch.
I forbid you my house and home:
I forbid you my flesh and blood and body and soul.
I irrevocably forbid you entrance to my mind,
and my thoughts.
My fears and my strengths.
until you have traveled over every single hill
and vale:
Forged every stream and river,
counted all the grains of sand on all the shores:
and every star in the sky,
I forbid you!

Just a little something to start of my day, which, sometime is hard to do, like this morning....... I'm trying to write my blog, drink my coffee, and at the same time Merlin is in my face, between me and the keyboard, purring and rubbing, and nibbling on my shoulder. But, I keep typing even with this fuzzy interruption trying to get my attention. My computer desk is his second most favorite place to be. LOL If I don't pay attention to my Familiar, he will gently bite my face, shoulders, and any other place he can reach. Doesn't hurt, but sure can make you jump if he hits a sesative spot.
I guess I should give you the story of Merlin..... Or "a major spell that went sort of wrong". You see, I'm single, and I do love my men to be strong, tall, and light to dark chocolate. Yepper, It's a personal preference, but I do love chocolate men!!! Well, my daughter, who is a way stronger witch then I am, decided to do a spell to get me a lover. (isn't she sweet!) She asked for someone black, loving, strong, slightly domineering, and who would love me forever!!!!

Now here's the bad part of spells. She wasn't SPECIFIC!!!!!! She forgot to mention in the spell that it should be a MAN!!!!!! And Merlin is black, strong, slightly domineering...... But he's also neutered and a CAT!!

Like I said before, the gods, and goddess's will mess with you, if you give them the chance. Giggle, and she left her spell wide open for misinterpretation...... And they had fun with it!! Guess I can't complain. Merlin doesn't complain about my cooking, I can lock him out of the bedroom at night, and he still loves me in the morning. And I can go away for the weekend and he doesn't trash the house while I'm gone, and he never trys to steal the romote! (all things men will do) So I'm grateful, now, if she would only do the spell over!!!!!!! But, now she refuses, because she's afraid she will mess it up even more. Giggle

So do a lot of planning before you do a spell, and remberer: The first few sentences of your spell should be what you want: State it out clearly. Then the last few verses should be how to get what you want:

Something's wrong around here,
bad luck plagues me like the gout:****************"this is the problem"
Clean my aura,
Shine my shields.****************************** "what you want done"
Bring good luck back,
with out a doubt!
As I will so mote it be! **************************"your ending"

Make sure with your spells that your NOT putting any kind of limits on another person, or hurting them. Like with LOVE spells, you can do a spell to bring love into your life, or to open someone's eyes so they will look, and notice you............But you can't make that particular person love you!!!!

Binding someone is bad, and they (the gods and goddess's) will make you suffer with it.

Another thing, if the spell is just to get some sex (you know you've thought of that, didn't you! Giggle) Make sure it has a time limit on it. A few nights, a few weeks, just one night. Also don't mention a persons name! You can describe who you want, to the tee, but just don't say the name. After all, sometimes what you want, isn't what's the best for you. Trust your goddess to take care of it.

Sometimes the ending is funny, like Merlin, but all in all he was the best man for me at the time. And though I laugh about it, I'm grateful for him every day......Even if he insists on trying to drink my coffee, and eat my cookies, he makes me laugh, and that's a "good thing"


Mary said...

ohh but what a sweet baby he is ::big smile:: and he is soo loving to his mama.... until she wont let him have one of her :crunchies" that is giggles


Emerld said...

Great post on the spells! Is there any websites you know of with them? This has always interested me.

Hi Mary!