Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm still here!!!!

My son was home for winter break, and I find it almost impossible to blog with him in the house. He runs in and out of my bedroom, for a cig, to tell me about the movie he's watching, to tell me about the monster in his video games... and so on and so on.... it's really quite annoying.

But he's back at school, so I took a few days to clean, and recoup my mind... and back to blogging I go.

It's actually cool enough to bring out the crock pot!!!! Whoooottttt!!!! It's been very warm here at the Jersey shore.... unusual for New Jersey..... but hay!, can't complain too much about warmer weather.

But it's cooled off a bit.... one in the 40's, so "Betsey", my crock pot came out. Now with my dietary restrictions, it's hard to make food of any kind... but this time I added... chopped beef, beef sausages, carrots, celery and some beef stock. I wish I could add scads of garlic... but I can't eat it, so salt and pepper will have to do.

Life is soooooooooo BLAND without GARLIC!!! My allergy reaction is so strong that at times I wonder if I'm turning into a vampire????

I also started some seedling in my nice south facing window. I have tomatoes (I went with Large Cherry tomatoes this year) Marigolds (the yellow daisy kind that I use to keep bugs away from my garden), and the big pot has some Leeks started in it! My step father used to grow leeks, so I'm trying them this year.