Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh Oh

In case you all were wondering, I deleted some posts on this page. They really didn't belong on my blog. I try to keep it up beat, even when I'm venting. giggle

If you want to know what went on, hope you read them before they were deleted, but if not, they were nothing really important.

And while I'd love to leave a comment for the man (though now, I'm not sure it WAS a man, he's probably not that evolved..... maybe totally gay!) that left comments..... like "he must have a teeny tiny dick", "he's an idiot with a god complex" , and my favorite...."grow up you ugly, dick head pervert!"

I of course won't say anything like that!!!! GIGGLE But then again, since I'm such low level slime...... maybe I would! LOL

But I've seen his picture, and pity is about all I can muster for the ugly, fat, dick head.

But no, I'm not like that.

I am a witch, and a powerful one, so I'm hoping the life lesson I sent him last night is a good one for him.

See, we can't be bad or it comes back to us...... but baby, we are allowed to DEFEND ourselves. Hummmmm, felt good to be totally wicked.

Hay Mary! remember those warts? I put them in some very uncomfortable places for him! GIGGLE (actually that's a joke, I did something much stronger then that)

And I want to thank Mary for finally apologising. I still have trouble understanding it, or knowing the reason why, out of all her friends, I was picked to be dumped on, but I'm grateful that I finally have closure on the matter.

And that she finally was big enough to admit that I did nothing to her.

She says the dick head above helped her understand it, but then he was the cause of it to begin with!!!!

Maybe he didn't start it, but his determination that I was bad for her, and that I was writing nasty things about her, prevented her from contacting me and maybe even making up with me.

Too bad so many years passed because of him. Because I still miss her, and the times we would have spent together

But I digress. so, I deleted the posts, and I promise from now on, my regular posting will continue.

Steph asked me to write up my "September gardening tips"....... so here goes:

Prepare your garden for winter

1. Now is the time to separate, and replant clumps of your favorite plants. Like hostas's, and iris's, and tulips, most major bulbs.

Dig up, separate into individual plants, and replant them

2. Buy your mulch. Make sure that your replace or add mulch to the area's that have lost it during the summer

3. Clean and oil all your tools, and put them away

4. Clean your lawn mower, underneath especially. And sharpen the blades

5. If you shut off your outside water, that's good, but if you want to leave the water on in case there is a nice day later in the winter, and say.... you want to wash your car..... buy insulated covers for each one. You can get them at home depot, for less then 5 dollars, and they keep your water from freezing and bursting the turn on point. Plus you can leave the water on, in case you need it, and all you have to do is remove the cover to use it. (don't put them on yet, just buy them)

6. fertilize your plants for the last time. Make sure to pay extra attention and fertilizer for the area's that have bulbs in them. Because they need the extra fertilizer to produce in the early spring.

That's about it for September, the next few months there will be a lot more to do, so enjoy the rest! giggle