Saturday, April 09, 2011

Summer shopping

I needed summer clothing..... mainly because I have the belief that you wear your clothing till it's just about in tatters...... THEN you use those for working in the garden!

Well, after checking I realized that all I had left was the "garden" summer clothing.... so off I went........ and I have to admit that the "thrifty me" OUT DID herself this time!!!!

Between two stores....Dots (love my dots!!!) and k-mart. I spent a grand total of $80 dollars.... sounds like a lot, but wait till you see what I got!!!

  1. 5 pairs of Capri pants

  2. 2 pairs of regular slacks

  3. 12 tee-shirts (yes 12!)

  4. 2 bras

  5. 1 new book to read

  6. 2 cokes

I'm a gooooooood shopper!!!! Summer clothing.... DONE!


Diandra said...

Wow, you rule!

I still need to get some more summer clothes, but I'll wait for a rainy day to check the second hand stores... need some office shirts and maybe some short exercise pants.

Rue said...

Wow - you are a great shopper! I need to get my Summer clothes too -ugh. I hate clothes shopping. Now purses....that's another story!