Sunday, April 03, 2011

Drangon Protection

Sometimes spells and talking to your Goddess isn't enough. We all need extra protection from everyday life sometimes, and for this I suggest a Dragon Guardian.

First find a necklace or charm in the shape of your dragon. Doesn't matter what material it's made of, but be aware that you MUST carry it with you FOREVER after you do the spell.

Dragons don't like being sent to a dark jewelry box!!!

So Pick a dragon that you can wear, put in your purse or carry in your pocket, just leaving him or her on your alter isn't enough!

When you find one, clean it with salt and sage.

Pick a night of the full moon, and set up your alter with yellow and gold candles, and burn dragons blood incense.

Find some sort of drum to use, even a pot, or just drumming on your alter

Put your dragon in the middle of your alter, surrounding it with the candles, and drumming quietly on your pick for a drum: chant:

On the wings of thunder, honor bound,

Search me out, I drum the sound.

Twist and turn in the night,

Dragon come, my guiding light.

Protector, guardian, friend not foe.

come to me, see my signal glow.

Strong and true, this friendship charm.

I beacon thee, protect me from harm.

Around and about my magick swirls,

Come to me, your wings unfurled.

Welcome O guardian of (persons name)

Pass the charm through the flames of the candles, and hold it over the incense while imagining it coming to life in your hands!

Then keep that charm with you forever!

You might notice some change in your mood and temper for a while afterwards, as the dragon sets deep in you soul.

But, soon it will be like before, except the strength will remain with you.


Jeanne said...

Thanx for sharing! :0)

Mina said...

Wonderful idea! I love the pic and dragons in general. Thank you.