Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3 Days later

OK, it's 3 days later, and sometime this evening the weather is going to turn cold again....But I'm done! Got all my windows cleaned, the whole house, the shed, and even had time to rearrange my kitchen cabinets. Also cleaned up the yard, fertilized the rose bushes and bulbs, and so on, and so on, and so on. See what a little bit of nice weather does to me!!!!! LOL

Jaime, Mark, and the grandkids will be down on Saturday for a birthday visit. I'm looking forward to it!!!! They just live too damn far away!!! But, it's going to be fun!! I'm hoping to take them to the boardwalk, and into some arcade's for some fun. It's pretty cool that the boardwalk stays open most of the winter!

Got a FISH!!! Yepper, went out and bought 1 gold fish, actually he's a black popeyed goldfish. And I filled the huge brandy glass with pretty blue glass stones, set in my huge chunk of crystal, and a plant, and set him on the coffee table so both Merlin and I can enjoy it. Merlin's not sure what the damn thing is!!!! But, he likes to watch it swim around, so far, he hasn't tried to grab it..... Water is NOT MERLINS FRIEND. GIGGLE


Emerld said...

How pretty your new fish is! How often do you have to clean his bowl? I was thinking of getting one for Johnny but I am work averse. LOL