Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some new spells

See, I promised you some new stuff, so since I had a few I needed to perform, I decided to write them down for you too.

This morning I re-did all my protection spells, and shined my shield till it gleams. And while I was at it, I did a few new ones.

I promised you some new spells, and here is one I just used:

I cast my spell, so hear it well.
what was done is now undone
power given, teaching taught
now no longer give a thought.
Witch who learned, but did not earn
all your power now is turned.
Live your life the mortal way
luck and goodness gone away!

This is a rather strong spell, and can only be used on some one you initiate into the craft. They can continue practicing, but nothing will happen. All the luck you bestowed on them during the learning time, goes away or turns bad.

See most people don't realize that when you take on a student you bestow them with parts of your power... Till they can grow their own. If they don't bother to practice, and get their own powers... Or after they have succeeded. You have to call back your powers that they have been using. After all you loaned them in the first place. Sometimes you don't take any back. If the person is gifted enough, your happy with what they do... You allow them to keep it.

As with this person, there was no growth, and no support, so I rescinded all my power that I used. This doesn't cause them any personal harm.... Their life goes on the way it always does, they will just find that any spells they cast, won't work at all.

They may find someone else to sponsor them, and hence get some of their power back. But it takes away what they have, even what they earned by themselves, and prevents them from using it on you.

Powerless, they now have to find someone else to agree to teach them so they can build up some power again.

I don't like doing this, but some times life's lessons have to be learned the hard way.

Here's another good one, good if you have a gossip or someone that talks about you in a wrong way. It makes people question what the person is doing, and lets them see that there is no truth there.

Vail that hides the minds eye
lift so that all may see
the wrongness deep within thee
Let the world know what you see,
in a world of no reality

and this one is pretty good also, this one is great if your moving... It makes sure good luck will be able to find you:

Boil and bubble, on the double
potion mix and make the fix
change the view, and start anew
luck will follow you!