Sunday, February 05, 2006

Birth Signs RULE!!!

Did you know that parts of your body are ruled by your birth sign??? I did, I've always know that Pisces are ruled by their feet. I always pay special attention to them, especially when I rub or massage them. This keep me balanced. So here are your signs and what rules them. Remember to take special care of the part of your body, massage it every day, and keep it safe from bumps and such.

ARIES: The Head and the Face

Of various persons he could be a welder,
or even a well-known village elder
He could lead both friends and foes
if he could but wait before he crows!

TAURUS: The Throat and Neck

Loves love, art, and money
fine clothes for self and honey
can build and design
create something fine

GEMINI: The shoulders, Lungs, and Arms

Like his twin, he is a sitter
whose mind is mostly all a twitter
he hates to til, he likes to chat
a salesman type, a diplomat

CANCER: The Breast and Stomach

Happy at home or on a boat
where the cuisine is not routine
guests appreciate the table d'hote
and your year will be serene

LEO: The Heart

leo will be something great
perhaps a general, just you wait
but if he takes command of thee
you'll share your gold deliberately

VIRGO: The Lower Intestines (yes, you can massage that.... eat a lot of whole grains, and roughage)

For details and the like
needing lots of common sense
take a Virgo down your pike
and be happy now and thence

LIBRA: The Loins (I don't know anyone of my friends who doesn't massage THAT every once and a while! Giggle)

neither too little nor too much
all is done with even touch
libra's taste is surely best
disputes he'll put to final rest

SCORPIO: The Generative Organs

who else in the world can unravel the maze?
who plots and succeeds while the other side plays
Scorpio you are always out front
of discoveries you are always a fount


A good counselor, great on research
often speaks from a very high perch
honest, direct, guided by Jupiter
for a teacher or preacher, who can be fitter?


Here's the pro, the man of affairs
likes the publicity, puts on airs
don't be worried, we love you still
but have some fun, a little won't kill


up to date and of great visions
the world does need these modern technicians
likeable, friendly, honest, gentle
this year for you is experimental

PISCES: The Feet

Just by instinct, Pisces detects
those special secrets with special effects
all will be merry, all will be jolly
if the problems of others don't become your folly