Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kitchen work

Hummmm, I'm trying to decide what to do with my kitchen counter tops. I know I want to replace them, but with what?

My kitchen has a nice island between the kitchen and the dining room, but it's ruined by an overhead cabinet that has no use what so ever. It's all glass, and can be only used for nick nacks and not much else.

But, because of it, you can't use the island! (you would bump your head on it) Even using the island for a buffet area is out, since you have to duck your head to get to the food. So I'm removing that, and since I'm doing that, I want to replace the counter top, which is cheap, and just plain boring!

I'm thinking tile... But I don't want to do the usual boring 4X4 square tiles. I'm thinking Italian tiles the big ones (12X12) Maybe even black marble tiles... Those are big also. I've tiled before, and as long as I use a DARK grout between them (dark prevents staining, and scrubbing) it should be fine.

Without that overhead cabinets it will totally open up the kitchen into the living room and dining room, and I think will look fantastic!!!! I of course will reuse those cabinets for something else.... I reuse EVERYTHING!

There's not much usable counter space now. Two small ones, next to the fridge, and by the oven, and the larger one from the oven to the island. The small ones will be easy, since it's just tiling and no need to fit the sink into it like on the big one. It really shouldn't be any trouble, except for the cutting of the tiles, something I've never really mastered. LOL But that can be fixed by having extra tiles on hand for when I fuck up! GIGGLE

But what color?? Should I go with something natural, like terra cotta, or light marble, or something dark, like black marble? Or maybe something with a pattern, or texture? I'm leaning twards a light beige type of tile.

Hummmmmmmm this is going to take some major thinking. And I have to make sure I get a DARK grout. I'm NOT going to spend time cleaning grout with a toothbrush!!!! Though I will make sure to use a silicon sealer, so that no stains can settle in the grout lines.