Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Self Gratification

Do you know how witchcraft works??????????

It's a karma thing. You can ask for things for yourself, and do things for yourself, but you have to balance that with doing for others.... Or else you get fucked! Yepper, fucked! I do spells for my family to keep them safe, and a few for good luck to me, but the main part is doing spells for others for help, luck, health.... Even if they don't deserve it .... It's good for your Karma and allows you to do spells for yourself.

Yin and yang. A balance. When the balance is upset, say you are hurting people, or become totally selfish, or don't apologies for your anger, or your hurting someone.... Even if you think you were right, but know deep in your heart you weren't, you have to apologies for what you did, or the balance is upset, and you will pay the price.

People have bad luck and say "why me" "someone's out to get me" "it's so and so's fault" and other things. What they don't look, is deep within themselves and see that the fault is their own.

They upset the balance by being greedy, or self centered, or by making excuses for what happened, or by asking too much for themselves and too little for family and friends. By not facing the truth about their behavior, and thinking they are always right, and everyone is always wrong.

There are a lot of ways you upset the balance. It can be as simple as taking care of yourself, and neglecting your loved one. I have one friend that takes medication, but her loved one needs it too, but doesn't get it... Because it's all for her. She doesn't care that he needs his meds also, or if she cares, she makes excuses for why she's more important them him. That upsets the balance big time, even though she thinks she's right.

It can be fixed! You have to go deep in to your self, your motivations, your lies, and see what you have done.... And face it!!!! You don't have to go up to the person and say "I'm sorry" but you do have to do it to yourself, and then accept " what you sow you will reap" and move on.

If you don't, it will build up, and you will wind up getting bit in the butt so hard......... Well, the ramifications can be totally serious! Like the death of a loved one, major financial ruin, ill health. They all are there to get the balance back to normal. You may say, "why do I deserve this??" (though most people just say "I don't deserve this!!) Look into your heart, and it will tell you why. Then fix it!!!!!

Like I may say "I don't like this person, I hate them!" but on the outside you treat them like anyone else. Be nice, even if you don't want to. The hate is balanced by the treatment, and it's over.

Doing things upsets the balance. If you lie, or cheat someone, or spread rumors about them, or created public disturbance to get attention.... All of those push your ying and yang out of wack, and you get whacked back.

Some people never learn. I've told people having problems, you need to look inside and say your sorry, or make amends, but they are so self-centered that they can't do it. They believe they are right, or they deserve to get all they can (for one reason or another) then bad luck fucks with them.... And they just can't understand why!!!!!

When bad luck hits me, I say "I deserve this" It's my fault, but it's ok because I'm sorry for what I did, and I'll face the consequences and then move on." This restores the balance, and after the bad luck leaves, good will follow.

Recently, I did something that probably hurt someone, not that they didn't deserve it.... They sure as hell did.... Not that it didn't have to be done.... Because it did. They had to learn a life lesson, they had to hear the truth..... But I was punished for it. My Karma was out of wack. But, I knew what I was doing, and to help the person, I had to hurt them. What I was punished for, was not the hurting.... But that I sort of enjoyed it. LOL We are all evil in someway. If I hurt the person to help them, that's one thing, but getting enjoyment out of it..... That's another. So I knew that I was going to get slapped, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately, my work was for nothing. Since the person thinks they are too perfect, and didn't do anything wrong.... So they are getting fucked big time by Karma. I tried to warn them, time and time again, to keep the balance, and when bad luck hits, to look inside and see what THEY did to cause it.... But it fell on deaf ears.

So check your KARMA. BALANCE IT! Do, face those things you did, and know you did them, and feel some sorrow that you did it. Face the feelings that you were wrong, and tell yourself that your sorry for it. And the balance will be brought back to normal, and your luck will change. Try it, you may like it! LOL


Mary said...

Hello everyone I am this "friend" that Judi is speaking of in this post... the man she is speaking of is David my handfasted "hubby" who needs blood presure meds, but HE chooses to not set aside the money out of the budget that HE sets up "he pays our bills" in order to get them. however Judi is right about the Karma thing it does come back to bite you in the but big time, and you do have to face it and yourself and look deep inside yourself and admit your own wrong doings before you can move on and let the bad luck pass forth... "Oh and just so everyone knows the medication issue was solved it just took a workaround to do it on my part for dave" :) he know takes his meds and I take mine.

Forgiving oneself can be harder than forgiving others it is easy to forgive people whom you love... is it just as easy to forgive yourself or is it simply a case of "well I fucked up oh well" and forget about it? is more the question I would think?

Judith said...

No, not when the sacrafice could cause them to DIE!!! Missing lunch, giving up something special, yes, but blood pressure pills could have killed him! You shouldn't have allowed it!!!!!