Sunday, February 12, 2006

Told you winter wasn't over/ decisions, decisions, decisions

AHHHHHHhhhh January has been so wonderful. We had some cold, then sweet balmy weather. But Feb. Has bitten us on the ass. GIGGLE Well, I shouldn't complain. We had a lot of rain, and about 2 inches of snow. My girlfriend Barb who lives only about 30 miles from me had 22 INCHES!!!!!! And my daughter who's in Pa. had about the same. Sometimes living by the shore can be good. LOL That is unless the snow is comings off the ocean, then the nor' easter blows big time. This time we were spared.

I know I tend to find beauty in things others wouldn't find.... But the rain that came down froze, and when it did, if froze on my window screens. You should have seen it when the sun came out!!!! It was like I had a million crystals hanging from my windows!!!!!! So incredibly pretty!!!!! I'm going to miss it when it melts this week. LOL

I'm thinking about missing Shore Leave this year. I do have a room, I booked it as soon as I realized that I wasn't going there with Mary..... But, I've been introduced to another convention, that's in June. Now I have to decide which one I want to go to more.... Since 2 in such a short time isn't possible.

Hummmmmmm, the other one is supposed to have a lot of really fine men at it, lots of Goth type stuff, a really nice hotel with a roof top pool, a dealers room that is supposed to be one of the best around with some really weird but nice stuff for sale, and the best thing is that it's really close!!!! Less then an hour away.

Now shore leave has the same old men, mostly fat, stupid, and quite a few handicapped. (plus the same people go there year after year, so you don't get the new people coming at all!) The hotel is the same one I've been going to for years, and the staff really doesn't treat the people that nice, the rooms are usually a little dirty, and the food..... Well, it's not bad, but not creative at all. Plus the fact that the "party in every room" has calmed down a bit, and it's hard to find one that doesn't have a variety of geeks and freaks in it. LOL And I do mean that with love, geeks and freaks are not all that bad.... But it's always the same old thing.

Most of my friends from the "same old con" won't be coming this year. One passed away, and the other has to work, and my main man doesn't like to take that long ride from VA. To come to it. Though my other friends are going to be there, they are not my first choice for hanging around with. LOL Years and years I used to sit in the bar and I had like 20-30 people hanging with me. But the last two years I went with another friend, and none of my other friends wanted to hang out!!!! I found out later that They thought she was a bit weird, and .... Well, it doesn't matter.

So this year I would be back with my old friends, because she's not hanging with me. LOL I guess it's right that there are blessings in disguise. You know, I never realized that my other friends were staying away because of her!!! I guess it just never hit me. Until I told them what was going on, and that I wouldn't be hanging with her... THEN everyone spoke up! Could have said something sooner guys!!!

But back to the other convention. I may just try it. It's something new, and different. Sometimes I don't react well to "new and different" Most people don't know this, but I'm really shy!!! Yeah, SHY. Everytime I go to a new place or meet new people, I have to force myself to socialize. By the end of the evening I'm usually exhausted from trying so hard.... But I refuse to let my shyness control me. And if I'm left alone, I pick a nice dark corner and hide. GIGGLE But, if it was up to me..... Sitting home with a dozen good books, is more appealing than anything!!! You can thank my best friend Barbara for me even tying!!! She refused to let me be shy, and spent years getting me out of it. And it has worked, but only if I try real hard. LOL

But, I'm thinking hard about the other convention. I already promised to go to the June one, the new one. I don't have to cancel my room for the old one, till sometime in May or June, so I'm keeping it till then. Maybe I'll have the cash to go to both.... We shall see!