Monday, February 20, 2006


LOL No, the worlds not being destroyed for a freeway. But, I'm in the mood for something new! (I can hear my fiends now.... Where is she moving to now??? I refuse to help her with the U-Haul!!!!! Can't she stay in one place!!!!) Nope, nothing to do with that at all, I'm quite happy where I am.

But it's getting towards spring, and you know that's the time I get the urge to try something different. Like changing my hair color, re-arranging furniture, stuff like that. I feel the restless need to change my living space (without moving!) and it's starting to become over powering. Now, all I have to do, is find out what needs to change and change it!!!

In days past I would just dye my hair a new color, and feel good. But, I don't know if I want to do that. I sort of like my natural hair color, but I may do something about it before Chiller, or shore leave, just to refresh myself a bit.

No, that's not it. Changing furniture around is always good..... Not my den, I like it that way, but maybe my living room or bed room. <<>>> I can thank my father's gypsy side for this, and for all the other things I've done over the years... Such as all my moves and stuff. Every once in a while I feel the call to move, not settle down, to change, to do SOMETHING different!!!!!! LOL

It calls me in the night, and when I wake up I'm restless and moody, and I feel the need overwhelming me. All I have to do if figure out what that need is, and what smaller thing I can do that will satisfy it. I know what the bigger thing is, but I don't want to do it, so smaller will have to substitute. Usually this works pretty well.

One thing I did, was go out this morning after dropping Matt off at school, and buy some lottey tickets. A rare occasion for me, but I had some change, so I figured.... Why not? And I got some chocolate to sooth me some. That always works.

Other then that, I have to think about it, figure something out to stifle the urges I have right now. Giggle Any one have any suggestions?????


Emerld said...

I know that feeling. Maybe changing a color scheme? I would love to be able to do that.