Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interesting times

Now things are going to get interesting! My Step-Father passed away the day after Christmas. What does that mean? Well, it means that now I'M IN CHARGE oF my Mothers will!!!!!! Which means I GET TO SELL THE HOUSE!!!! No more, for sale by owner crap, that my step-fathers grand kids were trying to do...... NO BABY!

I already have a realestate agent, and as soon as I get the keys on Wendsday......that house if up for sale!!!!!!!

Can you tell I need the money, well I do, and they kept futzing around with the house, and it was going nowhere...... now, thanks to me....... a women who has bought, fixed up, and sold 4 house's.... this one should sell within weeks!!!!!

I FEEL THE POWER! GIGGLE I know, I'm bad, but hay, it does feel good! GIGGLE


mrmississauga said...

Judith, sometimes death is a blessing. I wish you all the success in selling the home through the agent. My parents both passed on, left nothing, as they had nothing. I do have my fathers sense of humor and I have my mothers compasion. Take care.