Friday, December 30, 2005


Hummmm, well it wasn't as Merry as I would have liked. LOL Because of gas shortage I couldn't go to my daughters for Christmas,
It wasn't too horrible, Eileen always cooks a ton of stuff, and always good. My cousin Mike, who a muti millionaire gave me a cheap, horrible, necklace...Worth aroud a dollar... oh well, he didn't know I was coming, but then again, Ebinezer Scrooge was a pussy cat compared to him. Eileen gave me some stuff she bought at shore leave...Which was really nice. And my Aunt Harriet promised to send me some money, which is greatly appreciated.

My friend Mary bummed out of all holiday celebrations... Which considering how much fun we usually have, was the worst thing that happened over the holidays.

My friend Steph came up for a few days! That was the highlight of my holiday. We sat and gabbed, for days! I needed that. LOL It was fun, but she had to leave early because of work. "Damned Priests!!!"

Ohhhhhh, but I did a total NO NO! I had half a glass of wine, the kind with sulfur in it to preserve it!!!! BAD MOVE!!!! I was sick as a dog, with racing heartbeat so bad that I almost went to the hospital!!!! Yes, no I realize that since I stopped taking Benadryle, I let my self open to a major allergy attack!! But, I still don't want to start taking Benadryle regular like I was before....So I'll just be SUPER CAREFUL! SULFUR SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

Well, it was my fault. But it was sooooo funny since we just sat and talked about all the DRAMA our friends put out.... And boom, I'm almost ready to head for the hospital!!!! Thank the goddess I'm not one of those hypocondriacs that think they have everything, just so they get some attention!!!

I had a girlfriend, Chris Walsh, that I knew since childhood. Everything anyone had, she got. Sometimes I think she spent hours on the internet just looking for something she could mimic..... This way she had attention from everyone, even doctors, and she didn't seem happy unless she was sick. I finely had to drop her as a friend. Such selfishness is disgusting after a while. You want to be nice, support her in her time of need...But when you realize it's all a big FAKE, you feel betrayed, and hurt, and disgusted. I felt sorry for her, but I couldn't keep being her friend, it was just too much work. I know this problem is a disease in it self, but it's one the person can control, if they want to, but she just needed that attention...... I guess she figured bad attention, is better then none. She never stopped to think about that I guess

I mention her, because she e-mailed me a few days before christmas, I had her blocked, but she changed her e-mail address and it got thru my block. This WHOLE LETTER ABOUT HER!!!! Not ONCE did she ask how I was, just went on and on about how sick she was, and what the doctors said about it.

Now, this is the girl who told me over 20 yrs ago, that the doctors said she would be in a wheel chair in 2 years or less...... ummmmm, not going to happen, never did. She's actually healthy as a horse! But not in her mind. And mental illness is something that most people can't cope with. I guess I was her only friend left, all the others dropped her after a while...they got smart. Then I finaly reached the end of my pity for her, and dropped her also. So she sits home, and whines, and calls doctors and doesnt' do shit around the house...because she's so sick. Sigh

I'm a good person, love my friends, and value them for what they are...but even I have my limits. LOL

Now, I'm going over Jamie's (my daughter) on New Years Day!!!! (it's the first of the month, which means I have gas money) Yippie, now I can finally see the kids and give them their gifts!!!!! Happy dance!!!!!!