Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Tree's

This year, for the first time in years, I considered getting a REAL Christmas tree. Every one is always bugging me about getting a real tree. Saying how tacky a fake one is ect. And when I was a child we had real tree's in the house. And it WAS wonderful! But I couldn't afford to get a artificial tree this year, so I thought hard about getting a real one..... At least that's what I told everyone, but it wasn't going to happen!!! Thankfully, my friend Mary bought me a fake tree as a gift!!!! THANK YOU MARY!!!!!

I tell everyone that I get a fake tree because of having hot air heat, and how it's not good for real tree's .... But the fact is....... I lie to everyone. I don't feel like getting up on my soapbox during the holidays. I find I can't hurt other peoples traditions.

The fact is, I can't stomach buying a LIVE tree.... Cutting them down, separating them from the earth and their roots.... In effect KILLING them. Just so I can put them in my house, decorate them and then put them out in the cold for the trash after they are dead!!!!!

Now I don't mind putting up wreaths, which are just cut branches of tree's, but the whole tree..... It's very upsetting to see such a wonder, cut, and placed in someone's house for fun. It makes me shudder, and I want to cry every time I see it.

Think of it's long, almost endless life in the wild. Seeing the seasons, the sky, the animals that live in it.... And then being dragged to the curb, dead, dried up, for the garbage man to collect it. I wish people could see it as I do, plant one in your yard in the spring, and go outside and decorate it for Christmas..... But don't cut it down!!!!!

I don't hate people who use real tree's. I'm not that type of person..... Which is why I don't go on about killing a tree for your entertainment...... But when I go into a house where there is a real tree...... I take a few moments to talk to it in my mind.....To apologize for the person who killed it, and to explain that they don't really understand what they did.

Tradition is tradition, and human, animal, and plant sacrifice go back generations and generations. You continue with what you learn, and what you do. But, if anything all I sacrifice is some PVC plastic, and some metal..... And I'm happy.

So, be it tacky, or corney, or whatever you want to call it..... This year, again, as all the others.... I haven't killed anything so that I could enjoy the SMELL of it! But, I will get a wreath and hang it, for the wonderful pine smell that we all enjoy. Other then that, I'll stick to my principals and enjoy my tacky artificial tree. When the lights are on..... All I see is the beauty, and I leave the heartache to others.