Thursday, December 08, 2005

What I want

You know, I don't want much.

I want to have a cookie with my coffee in the morning. Oatmeal if possible, chocolate chip is good too.
I want a small place, so I don't have to spend all my time cleaning
I want a cool bedroom, and warm blankets
I want a Hot bathtub, and sweet smelling oils
I want to walk barefoot all year long
I want warm summer, and cooler fall and spring.... But no winter
I want an unending supply of lox and lobsters. You can add some shrimp and other sea food into that.
I want milk that has the cream still on top .... Oh yes, I'm old enough to remember that
I want hot chocolate with whipped cream
I want to sit in a tree reading durning the spring and summer
I want a place to swim, salt water is best
I want hot coffee and tea
I want a sexy black man, for sometime use.....but not full time

I don't want jewels, money or gold. I'm a happy person when things are kept simple. When the phone doesn't ring, when the mailman doesn't have mail for me. When my car works, and I don't