Sunday, January 15, 2006


Arghhhhhhhh!!!!! I feel like I'm drowning here! LOL I could get this all done in just a day if I could round up about 5 or 6 friends, and work them to death. LOL As it is.... I can't do the heavy lifting, and moving that needs to be done, or even help with it.

Not that there is much... Just a few things that need to be moved around.... And a LOT OF GARBAGE that needs to be bagged and sent to the curb. Sigh Where are all your friends when you need them?????? Well maybe if I bothered to ASK. Giggle I think half the time I ask in my mind, but don't open my mouth.

But in some ways it's a little true, at least with me. I'm always there for my friends, supporting, cohorting, and helping....But when I need help, it seems they know it's coming and get all involved with other things. I guess it's all my fault... I'm always the strong one

When I got sick, I didn't tell anyone till I was sure I was on the road to recovery. Why? Because I didn't want to upset anyone. All those fucking medical procedures... I sure could have used a hand to hold... But I didn't bother anyone. So It's no body.s fault but my own.

Now with the house, just 4 or 5 people would take less then a day to get it all fixed up. Some nice strong men to help out and some women to mop and vacuum.
Jamie offered to help...But she's got the kids... And how can you clean up with 3 little one's running around. LOL As she well knows.

Hummmmm, I didn't ask Barbara. I'm sure her hubby, Charlie, would come over and help.... He's good at that. Mary and Dave would help too.... But Mary is ingnoring me right now. Sigh And it's nothing I can fix, it's up to her.

I'm going to try to get Matt to gather some of his friends together and go to the house, and get it ready to sell. My sister isn't any help at all!!!!!!

If I could get it clean, and staged, and ready, I'm sure the house would sell within days! Best area in East Brunswick, nice big house. I have the realestate agents drooling.

And all the goodies!!!! There is TONS of goodies in the house, just ready for picking. Shit that my Mom got as gifts, and never even opened!!! She was saving them, just in case. And TOOLS..... MAJOR TOLLS. In the shed, the garage and the basement! Every kind of tool you can imagine. Some of them really old, but still in perfect condition.

The fucking place is a treasure trove! And I don't' have the space to store it all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr FRUSTRATED!!!!