Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Am I nuts??

Am I nuts?   Just this week my sister and I were having problems with the hotel we booked for a convention in Aug.  The hotel changed names.  Used to be a Marriott, now it's independent.  But we had reservations for the convention in Aug, since January. 

So she called to check her reservations, and they couldn't find her. She called me in a panic, and I told her..."did you tell them your confirmation number?"
She couldn't find it!!!!  She had written it down on a tiny piece of paper, and she found like 3 confirmation numbers, but she didn't know what one was for the Aug. convention!!!

Now I keep these....... the above picture.  I've keep them since the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time.. about 35 years ago!!!

And, yes, I still have every single one of them!!!!!

Every year I buy a new 2 year or 1 year calender.  I mark appointments, special dates like birthdays, even sometimes what the weather is (especially if it's unusual) Also, if someone came for a visit, or if I went to a party or something at someone else's house.... lots of little things. 

Plus, if I have a convention, I number the dates at the bottom of each day, as a count down to the event or convention.

Like I know that TODAY, is 30 days to my Star Trek Convention in Aug.

And every day, first thing in the morning, I cross of the current day.

Every year for the conventions I mark it on my calender, and put the confirmation number on the dates.  This way I won't lose it!

So, while she, in the end, couldn't find the confirmation number, mine was right there on the date of the convention!

When I told her about this, she seemed to think I was NUTSO!  But, am I? Or am I just careful, organized, and have a really bad memory?


Diandra said...

I've been keeping this kind of diary since I was fourteen, and it often helps me to see where things go wrong. ^^ (I also write down every-day stuff I want to accomplish, and cross it off the list at night.)

Eric Klein said...
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Eric Klein said...

I always insist on an email confirmation, this way I can always search my email for all details.