Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 weeks till spring, making my list

So far that's all my list holds..... nothing!

But, I have to start making a list of what I need to buy for my garden..... with my income, I have to buy little by little, and with 5 weeks till spring springs.... I need a ton of stuff!!!

1. Potting soil big huge bags of soil, I do container planting, and I'm putting in tons of stuff, so I need at least 4 BIG bags of soil

2. Three big pots! I have 2 empty pots, but I need 2 more to replant the palms that Barb gave me, and one for the tomatoes. Barb wants the pot back that she gave me with the palms in it (she loves it! It looks like a coconut. giggle) so I have to separate, and re-plant the 4 palms UPDATE: DID IT, AND IT'S DONE!!! What a bitch to do, Barb planted all the palms togeather, and did a crappy job of it. Took me hours to seperate them!!!!)

3. Two or three wooden stakes. I have the containers to grow the cuks and beans in, but I need some large wooden stakes to allow them to grow up.... since they are both vining veggies

4. Two fig bush's. I'm going to try growing figs.... they have to come indoors in the winter, but the juicy sweetness is too hard to resist! I have the pots for them all ready.

5. At least 2 Shepard crooks, tall iron holders. Something to hang my hanging baskets off of, since I don't have a single tree in my lot! These aren't bad, only about $10 bucks each. And I want to put at least one bird feeder on one of them.... entertainment for the cat of course!

6. at least one gallon of China Red medal paint! I've lived without a red front door for 6 years now, and it's just not right. Front doors should be china red, for luck. So I'm gonna paint the two doors on my house..... since my house faces the road sideways, I'm going to paint both doors, just to be safe.

And there is more, I'll list them as I remember them.


Steph said...

Yippie! A pot for tomatoes! Come on Spring, get here all ready!!