Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In the fall I had cut some of the bamboo in front of my house. Some of it was swishing and rubbing against my bathroom window, that's connected to my bedroom, and driving me nuts all night long!

I didn't cut it down to the root, but just trimmed it, and I checked yesterday, and the cut one's were still green and good..... sooooooo

I decided to trim all the rest so that I could get some sleep! Besides the fact that it was blocking all the sun from my bathroom window, and I love the sun! So, I went out and chopped it down to about 5 foot. Enough to clear my window, stop the rubbing when the wind blows, and let the sun shine in!!!!!

If it behaves it self, I'll just keep it trimmed and in the garden. Now that I know that trimming it won't do any major harm, I guess I won't dig it up like I was planing.

I may do it a bit shorter. The other bamboo I have is a black bamboo, and it only grows around 3 feet tall, no one could see it because the other bamboo grew over it and hid it, but I'm liking the look now, and I can see the other bush, so I may trim the big bamboo to the same size and live with it!