Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sometimes people think they can mess with me.

Knowing I'm a witch sometimes has it's disadvantage. They know that we feel that everything we do, comes back to us 10 times over... so they feel safe!

You shouldn't feel safe.

Yes, we can do spells that do bad things to you! But only if it's a "life's lesson" to you. But bad is bad, and the only luck you have is that being a "life's Lesson" curtails the amount of time you will have to suffer from it.

My goddess is my backup, and while she doesn't look like the wolf above... she can be a wolf in her protection of me. Goddess's can be tricky. They are sweet, and loving, earth mothers.... but we have all see the horror that mother earth can inflict on us, so know that there is always a second face to her love.

Besides the fact that I also have a "second face". You all see me as sorta sweet, a little ditsy, being told I'm "too nice" to do things like "that", and just a touch of coldness and bossiness..... My second face is one you hope you'll never see..... believe me!