Tuesday, February 10, 2009

O. K............

Now, I'm sorta glad I did make reservations at Shore Leave! Yeah I know I said I wouldn't..... but then some friends sounded like they were interested, so I did call and reserve a room.

I'm not going to do the dealer thing this year.

First off, Eileen ruined it for me, like she does just about everything! Why she even keeps going to shore leave, I have no idea, since she does all the horror cons..... I think she does it to just piss me off..... but, I still tried to include her, and asked her to share a dealers table with me.... with disastrous results!

That's not gonna happen this year. I have till June to cancel my room if anything goes wrong. But I just saw the guest list........... ohhhhhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmy!


So, I may just have to go, hopefully with some friends! And I'll sit by the pool, and have fun with my friends, and NOT have to bother with Eileen's superior attitude,and snobbishness!!

I can talk to anyone I want, with out her being pissy that I'm doing it. LOL She just hates when people want to talk to me, and ignore her.

Well, they wouldn't ignore her if she SMILED once in a while! She's not a friendly person!