Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just had to copy and post this story by one of my wonderful bloggers http://www.witch-blog.com/ It was so great, and I hope she doesn't mind, but it was too good to not share! Go check out her blog, you will LOVE IT!

Over the last 2 months, the police have recieved reports from 10 different horse owners across Sussex about mysterious plaits (braids) being found in their horses’ manes.

This has reportedly stumped the local police but help came to hand by an anonymous ‘warlock’ who informed the police is was the work of witches who were performing knot magick on the horses.

For further clarification on this matter the local newspaper, the Argus, contacted Kevin Carlyon who is the self-proclaimed High Priest of British White Witches (actually if you look on his out of date website he’s elevated himself to ‘The Living God of All Witches).

Mr. Carlyon told reporters that the plaits could be evidence of devil-worship or black magick. And the braiding could be used to precede ritual mutilation of horses. To balance the scale, Mr. Carlyon said ‘mostly the practice by white witches is harmless and intended for the witch to benefit from the horse’s natural powers’.

So how do you know if your horse has been marked for white or dark magick? Well, according to the ‘Hight Priest of British White Witches’ you can tell by the complexity of the plaiting. He said, “If it’s normal plaiting, like a girl’s hair, that is beneficial witchcraft. With more complex, more tightly knotted plaits, you’re looking down the darker side’.

Digging a little deeper, it’s not just Sussex which has seen horse mane’s being plaited. In the West Country, over 20 cases have also been reported to police. And, just like the previous mentioned case, it seems newsworthy to blame Pagan rituals. The West Morning News paper reported the case of the braids earlier this month and helped clarify why it might be a Pagan crime because ‘Pagan gods are thought to have a close connection with horses which adds strength to spells that incorporate the animals’.

This trend of plaiting horses’ manes might just have a non Pagan root. Horse theives often mark a horse by plaiting it’s mane during the day. Then they return under the cover of darkness to steal the horse they’ve already selected.

Of course, there is another explanation. It’s been said that horses with their manes braided have been taken for a midnight ride by the fairies! Now I bet the police haven’t thought of that!


The Frog Queen said...

Faries...I say it was the faries....I don't trust them :D

Great post. Thanks for sharing.


Rue said...

It was definitely the faries!

And I wouldn't want to be the person declaring myself "living god" of anything. Karma has a way of biting those people in the ass - hard!