Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Get Ready for your spring spells!!!


All participants should bring bunny-ears and/or slippers, one or more flowers for the altar, and a donatable item (That, of course, should be left with the person doing the ritual, so they can enjoy it later on!).

Responsibility for other items can be divided as the participants see fit, these items being:

plastic re-usable eggs

enough chocolate bunnies for all (all ears MUST be intact! No cheating!)

enough plain hard-boiled eggs for all

marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and other obnoxious Easter candy

a basket big enough to hold all of the above

spring water for "wine"

pink "Sno-balls" or angel food cake for "cakes" (Remember, hot dog buns are forbidden!!)

dye for the eggs, egg dippers, non-toxic felt tip pens, and an egg carton
a ratty old towel for cleanup

Set up the altar (if it isn’t a permanent fixture), put the flowers in a vase on the altar, put cakes and water on the altar. Have the basket ready, with everything but plain eggs in it. Have the plain eggs and dying supplies set up in the circle area.

Tell everyone to put on their bunny ears. (very important step, don't skip it!!!)

Cast the circle: "We draw this circle as sacred space! Silliness we keep - we banish Grayface!"

Each participant decorates at least one egg. Eggs are set to dry in the carton, and when dry, are put in the basket. When the dying is done, a door is cut in the circle and the dying supplies are removed

Call the quarters: "Air! Bring us belly-laughter!" "Fire! Bring us unpredictability!" "Water! Bring us splashiness!" "Earth! Bring us chocolate!"

Call the deities: Oestara and the March Hare, Eris and Murphy, Roger and Jessica, Elmer and Bugs, Buster and Babs, Robin and Marion, Fred and Ginger,

Sing many rousing choruses of "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity, Oestara’s on Her way..."

Do the Bunny Hop as a Circle Dance: "Na Nana Nana Nana, Na Na Na Na, Na Nana Nana Nana, Hop Hop, Hop!" When everyone is pooped out, sit down and contemplate the Mystery of the Egg and the Rabbit.

It is optional to present the Mystery play, A Sermon on Ethics and Love

Consecrate the spring water and cake. Save some Angel cake for rolling into little balls for throwing at each other during the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight.

Distribute dyed eggs each participant giving their own creation to someone else.

Distribute chocolate bunnies to be eaten as lasciviously as possible. (much lip smacking and moaning is encouraged to attract the Goddess's attention!)

Distribute marshmallow peeps, which are to be used for sleazy Ozzie Osborn imitations.

Distribute the rest of the candy, which is eaten until everyone feels slightly ill, the rest being used for the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight.

Have the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight, using jelly beans, marshmallow peep bodies, angel cake, etc. Throw these at each other, trying to get the jelly beans down each others’ robes (if any), into laps, etc. AVOID FACES

At this point, the ritual generally degenerates. When people have calmed down again, thank the deities and say farewell, dismiss the quarters, open the circle, and clean up the Godawful mess


The Frog Queen said...

LOL!! Sacred Jelly Bean fight!?! That is brilliant. Oh we are so going to give that a try at our gathering!! Thanks so much!


VintageSage said...

I LOVE this spell!!!!

mrsb said...

If I could find a coven that actually did this, I'd SO join, lol!