Monday, August 25, 2008

Sitting and relaxing

WOW August has been a busy month! Friends coming down, family too..... I've been busy almost every weekend, and during the week also!!! Kinda sorry to see the summer go!

Soon the Bennies will all go HOME!!!! And once again the roads will be clear, and traveling down past 9 and the parkway Will be good!!!!

But, school starts in 10 days, so that's a plus. Matt's all ready, we got his notebooks and papers and pens and pencils all ready...... and it's not going to be bad this semester, he has one day off, besides the weekend, so I have to drive back and forth only 4 days!!!! YIPPPPPIE

I know my daughter Jamie will be happy to see school starting!!!! Having four kids home for the summer must be horrible!!! Poor baby!!!