Sunday, May 06, 2007

Frogs, frogs, frogs

I went over Barb's this weekend, and returned with 2 frogs. Now for those of you who remember the "great cow giving" hopefully, Barb will be satisfied with a few frogs, and not go totally nutso like with the cows!!!! GIGGLE

We can always hope, but knowing Barb, I'm sure it going to be raining frogs for quite a while!!!!!

This one is a solar frog, he's sitting in the sun, getting his batteries charged, and at night will glow a soft green. I really love this one!!!!

The other frog is a weather frog (picture will be posted later) he has an umbrella, and a rain gage. I'm going to put him where this one is for his regular home...... His color matches the bird bath.

But I'm not sure where the solar froggie will go, I have to walk around and check out a nice sunny spot for him. Hummmmmmmmmmm

Well, I'll figure out something later. LOL

Both froggies are part of my birthday present from Barb, she also got me a huge planter..... planted with Rhubarb and some pretty creeping white flower thingies. I was going to buy it, and she grabbed it. Really nice.

I also picked up some nice Chocolate Mint, and planted it in a pot with some Pineapple Sage!!!!! SMELLS YUMMMMY!!!!!!