Friday, May 11, 2007


I read an article in the paper today that reports that people are losing interest in the TV shows...... and they were puzzling as to why???

They were blaming CD's and the fact that people are watching DVD's more, and less TV!


I'll tell you why people are losing interest in the TV shows.

People's interest is held by the story's the shows tell. And each week they look forward to seeing what happened the week before

but all of a sudden the networks are doing this fucking skip thing!!! You see one show, and then two weeks of reruns, then one show, and then off for 4 weeks, and so on!!!!!!!

How do you keep your fucking interest when they shows aren't on each week!!!!! What was the idea behind that???? Maybe making less shows, saves them money, but they are LOSING VIEWERS!!!!!

Even my favorite shows are starting to bore me, because there is such a looooooong time between new shows!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to get a hold of those people, and slap them silly!!!! How duhhhhhhhh can you get?????

Put the shows on each week, fine, a holiday or something, skip a week, but that's it!!!!!!

Don't skip so many weeks and fill in with reruns, and expect us to keep interested in what's going on!!!!

Boy, how dumb can they be!

Rant concluded, thank you for your interest. GIGGLE