Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring is Tinkling all over us!

This has been, people are saying, an unusually windy and rainy, and cold spring. I've heard that from tons of people...... but they are wrong!

This is a NORMAL spring! In the past few years we've gone from spring to summer in like one day!!!!! Cool and rainy to 90 degrees with out any transition at all!!!

This year it actually how spring should be. Some warm days, some colder days, lots of rain, and wind. It's refreshing to have this break between spring and summer.

going from 3 days of spring to full summer is NOT normal.

It may not last, but while it is, enjoy it!!!! For the hot days of summer are around the bend waiting to fry us with high temps and sunshine.

Spring should be like this, giving us time to adjust to summer, before ramming it down on us.

People who think the weather is unusual, should think back to child hood, and remember how it used to be. And this is it!