Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Week gone bye

So, it's been a week on this wheat free lifestyle. I'm not calling it a diet, because it's not to lose weight but to lose the allergy's.

I did fall off the wagon once, when I had a bowl of cereal, without thinking, but that's it.

And the difference is??????....................


The swelling, that I didn't even know I had, in my fingers and feet is gone!!! How do I know? Because for the first time in years I can crack my knuckles!!!!!!! Yeppers, my fingers actually bend!!!! Isn't that cool?

I had just thought it was because of age, but guess I was wrong and the Doc was right.

I also have MUCH more energy, and I'm sleeping better. I feel lighter, and more cheerful, and so on.

So I'll keep in informed as the wheat slowly works it way out of my system, Doc said it should be at least a month, If I behave!!! YIPPPPIIIIIIIEEEEEE