Monday, May 28, 2007


Gosh! It's a fucking mad house down here at the shore!!!! Good weather, beginning of summer....... YIPES!!!

I made the mistake of going past the Parkway and Route 9 to go to K-Mart....... not gonna do that again!!!!!!!

Up here by me, not so bad, as long as I stay away from that part of the shore, it's cool. The store's aren't crowded (any more then usual. giggle) and the roads are pretty free of traffic...... but go down a mile to the intersections of the major route's to the shore, and it's CROWDED!!!

You know, people down here complain about the "Bennies" ( I actually like that name for the tourist's..... hay it's much better then saying, "Mother fucking idiots!!!, isn't it????) all year round.

But without them coming in the summer, half the business's wouldn't be still up and running. It's how they make their money, that's the restaurants too. A lot of shore places close down during the winter because local sales aren't enough to keep them going, but at least here every things open year round. Pretty lucky I think!

But, I'm glad the summer is off to a bang!!!! By next week, only the weekends will be hairy. During the week it should be fine. Can't wait till my first sunbathing day at the beach!!!! Yippee.

I'm going down on Wednesday and lay in the sun, and for those of you who know me, know that the cold water doesn't stop me, so I'm planning to go swimming too!

Time to work on that nice brown tan, so when I go to shore leave I won't look like a white fish belly!!!!!

Though being a dealer, probably means not much time in the pool, but I'm going to try for at least an hour or so if I can get Eileen to watch the table, and the same goes for her. We'll just take turns going to the pool. GIGGLE......

hay at least we'll be right there in the dealers room, so we won't have far to go to shop!!!!! ALL RIGHT!!!! GIGGLE