Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I FINALLY got E-Mail conformation that I have a table at Shore Leave!!! Took them 2 fucking months to respond to me.................. but at least I have it. Eileen and I will go down on Thursday, since I have a free room and meals for one day, and that makes it easier to set up on Friday afternoon.

I'm pretty set with stuff, besides my mortar and pestles, and copper cauldrons, I have the magnets, and other assorted witchy stuff, and I even made up some special bottles of my herbal massage oil. Plus some candle holders, wooden boxes, and my special surprise "mystery items".

Now I have no idea if the "Mystery items" will sell, but I love them, they are so cute, and fuzzy and I worked really hard making them "unusual", I should say. GIGGLE. At least they will appeal to the kids...... though It's really not a "kid" thing. Well, I hope to sell at least a few of them.

Eileen has bunches of other stuff for her side, her homemade jewelry (and I really HATE to admit it, but it's all made out of real pearls of all kinds, and fucking gorgeous!!!!) and she has the "unusual" rubber duckies...... giggle, not gonna tell you......... but cute as could be!

So we are all set!!!! I already have applied for, and have gotten my MD vender's permit. And that's all we need! Shore Leave should be interesting!!

Just need a name for our store, and haven't come up with one yet........... My old store was called the "Happy Cauldron" so I may keep that one, Eileen says that's fine with her.


Dreamers Night said...

I am glad that everything is on the up and up...if you still need me to make anything for you please let me know.