Thursday, May 24, 2007

By the sea

I went for my last walk down the beach yesterday........ at least the last one WITHOUT the Bennie's coming for the summer!!!

It was so peaceful, and warm, and the water is so clear. I know that after this weekend it's going to be a giant madhouse with all the summer people...... but for the day, it was wonderful!!!

I was the only one on the beach, except for a fisherman who was doing the deep sea thingie, and the seagulls. I walked along, gathered shells, and smelled the ocean. SIGH

Major relaxation.

Now this weekend starts the summer thingie, and all the people will be crowding down here, but it's still not bad. I like laying on the beach with other people there. Though peaceful, still kinda spooky to be all alone out there. GIGGLE

Next week, all the arcades and games will be open 24/7. During the winter most of the arcades are open, but not many of the games..... and I do LOVE trying to win a box of candy, or a stuffed doggie. And all the rides will be open too, and the food places!!!!! Yippie!

And cool news, right on the boardwalk where I get on...... Hamilton Avenue, they put a DUNCAN DONUTS! Right on the middle of the boardwalk!!!! COFFEE GOOD!

I'm all set for the summer. I have a new beach bag, first time for a beach umbrella, bunches of bathing suits, and the beach is free on Wednesdays and Thursday's, so I'm all set to toast into a deep dark tan!!!

Once the rush of Memorial Day weekend is over, it will return to a nice quieter pace. Lots of people, yes, but not the mad rush like over the holidays!!!!

Thank the Goddess that Matt decided NOT to go to school during the summer. It would have been a major bummer having to drive him back and forth to school instead of going to the beach!!!!

I've also got my crabbing nets all ready, so I'm set for some yummy crabs all summer. Hopefully this season will be better than last summer! Usualy if you don't catch much crabs one year, the next year they are huge!!! So, here's hoping!!!!