Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Finally, got rid of my AOL!

I've been keeping it, for one reason only..... their security programs. They give you FREE security site when your on AOL. Does everything the paid ones does...... at least I thought It did............ boy was I wrong!!!

I downloaded Verizon's security suite..... Yes, it costs money, about $4.99 a month, but it all in my DSL bill, so it's like nothing at all, and it's constantly updated.......... something AOL didn't seem to do.

Once I downloaded it, I went and ran a virus check, and it found 6 VIRUS'S THAT AOL DIDN'T FIND!!!!! That says that AOL's virus checker was pure CRAP!!!!

Now with the Verizon one, all the computers in the house are covered, and it works like a dream..... and AOL who constantly fucked up my computer is gone!!!

Not only did it constantly fuck up my computer, but half the time I couldn't even connect to it, and when I did, it froze and shut down. So I'm all yahoo now, and happy to be rid of it!!!!!!