Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well, I sent out the e-mail invites for my Beach Party yesterday. And so far I've gotten 5 replies of YES, YES, YES. But most of the e-mails haven't reached everyone yet, and some friends are posting it on the Thagard, that is a PA based Star Trek Ship, known as the PARTY SHIP.

My sister belongs to it, so while some of the people will not be known to me....... I figure... what the hell, I'll get to know them. GIGGLE!

Ty and Seph, and Sunny, and Matt (coming all the way from VA.) are all coming. My sister of course, and some of her friends. Should be a weekend long BLAST!!!

And you know what's good...... and this is petty I know, but the other group I hung out with...... most of the people were ............. gonna be nice....... but WEIRD is the only word for it. Giggle. Not only weird, but sometimes down right destructive and vindictive. I can live without that!

I used to be so afraid of going to their meetings, because something always happened, and most of the time is was too stressful. The captain of the ship is violent and verbally abusive, most of the time his a nice fellow, but then he cracks and his real self comes out. Last time I met with him for dinner at a restaurant, I playfully punched him in the shoulder for being late, and he WAILED on me! Hitting me many times with his fist on my shoulder!!! And he's like 6'3" and big!!!!!!

Only the fact that I was there for a friends birthday prevented me from calling the cops and pressing charges....... something I now regret NOT doing. I should have. He tried to say it was because his dad was sick, but my mom had just DIED, and that didn't turn me violent. His wife makes excuses for him, I wonder if he hits her too? Probably not, because she would slit his neck if he did.

And his wife (and her not so newly acquired fake boobies) flipped out once or twice, insisting that people had wild, uninhibited sex at my party's?????? I WISH!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A ORGY!!!! Unfortunately, most of my friends aren't like that. GIGGLE

But, all that is past me now, and I'm surrounding myself with positive, fun, and reasonably SANE people. And that's a good thing! GIGGLE!

Any one that goes over the line in to the insane side, I'll drop like a hot fish. I worked to hard with one friend, trying to keep her above water, and reasonably sane, just to be dropped like a hot poker when she didn't feel I was going along with her DRAMA!

Now, I know, that nothing I did helped, and she enjoys the drama and lived and breathed to bring more drama into her life, and wanted people thinking she's insane..... but I did try for a long time because she could be the sweetest, nicest, most loving women at times. And when she wasn't faking illness, and taking major meds for it, she was just wonderful, and a great friend. But being normal wasn't for her, it wasn't any fun. And who was I to try and prevent her from fulfilling her needs.... no matter how insane they were?

I guess, what I learned it that people can only help THEMSELVES. And you can support them, or ignore them.... but never, ever, change them.

So this party is a new beginning for me. Nicer friends, more fun and waaaaaayyyyy less drama. Just what I need!!!!