Friday, May 11, 2007

How does your garden grow?

As you can see, quite good!!!! That's a Fuchsia on the swing, found the trick to them..... filtered light, no direct sun. It's doing really good hanging from the inside of the swing!
By the car, that's my snap beans along with a tomato plant, and some radishes all in the same pot.
Also the blueberry's I planted last year made it thu the winter, and are full of flowers!!! That means a mega crop of blueberry's soon!
Next to the house I have the artichokes! They are really growing fast! The orange flowers are for bug control, keeps the bugs off my plants.
And that big pot of green stuff, by the front of the house is Spinach. As you can see it's overflowing the pot, and doing fantastic.
Also the asparagus is up, can't eat them the first year, have to wait till the second to get nice big ones, and the pot with the horseradish in it is HUGE! WOW horseradish just takes off and fills the pot!!!! In the fall you dig the roots, and grate them up for the winter.
Everything looks good, and the patio is nice and comfy with the swing, and rockers and the fireplace.
I'm a happy gardener!
Now BOTH house's next to me are up for sale!!! I'm going to be surrounded by empty house's. The one lady and her hubby moved to Georgia, and I was surprised to see the other one by the patio up for sale...... but I know, from hearing the screaming, that they were having big problems.... so maybe they are splitting up. Both really nice house's.... hope I get some good neighbors!!!!!