Friday, May 04, 2007

Comcast Sucks Eggs!!!!!!!!

I tried to warn people in my blog. Quite a few months ago about the poor service from Comcast..... but it seems people are still falling for the hype, and cheap programs they offer.


So far there are 4 people I know with it, and it SUCKS!!!! Constantly disconnecting during phone calls, constant!!! Even after having Comcast there a million times to fix it, the phone still disconnects at the worst moments! And it's a constant thing.

I call Barb to talk, and I can guarantee that at least 3 times during the conversation, the phone will go dead, and you have to re-dial again and again. Jamie had them to her house like 3 times, and the phone still goes dead, or you get this horrible noise on the line.

Oh, and the best is when they can hear you............... but you can't hear them!!!!! That's fucking annoying.

That's why Comcast offers such a great deal for a short time. Because they have so many complaints, they have to keep going cheaper and cheaper. Also, the lower rates are just for a short time, then they jump up really high!!!!!

All the people I know with them, were stuck with it, because of the penalties for trying to switch. Your stuck with them for at least a year, and sometimes more!!!!

But, now that that time is up, almost everyone is SWITCHING BACK TO SOMEONE ELSE!

And as Karen found out, when the computer goes down because of Comcast, so does your phone!!!! (something they said wouldn't happen!) LOL She was mostly pissed because they cut of her ability to complain to them that the computer was down. LOL Wound up using her cell phone to call and ream them out!!!!

Besides, I always feel it better to hedge your bets...... being someone with tight money. This way if I can't pay my phone bill...... hay at least I have TV and the computer. With Comcast...... if you can't pay your bill, EVERYTHING is cut off!!!!!!!

Not good when your like me, and sometimes you have to pay peter instead of paul, during a rough month. LOL

Maybe sometime down the line, when they perfect the service, it'll be OK, but right now COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!!

I wrote about this before on my blog...... but no one seems to take my advice. Wait till your in the middle of an important phone call, and it disconnects like a dozen times!

When will people learn, that cheap deals don't mean GOOD deals!!!!


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