Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, I have almost all my stock, for selling, together and almost all priced.

I'm going to be selling copper cauldrons, motor and pestles (some decorated real pretty with beads and stuff) and lots of glass ware, acid etched with star trek and witchy symbol's.

Plus some really nice hunks of crystals. And a few odds and ends that will fit in with the witchy stuff.

If I can find my pouches, I'll also make up some spell pouches for sale. The above stuff I have a big stock off, so selling should be easy. The glasses take a while to etch, and get ready, but I'll do a few each day and work on them.

Eileen will be selling her jewelry, and maybe even Steph will join us and get rid of some of her stuff. Jaime, I'm not sure of yet, I guess she's still thinking of what to make. I'm just waiting for the application to come in the mail, and all done!!!!