Friday, January 12, 2007

How two became four?

I ran to walmart this morning!!!! I had to find my cat's favorite food, and that's 9 lives tuna and egg. It's not that popular it seems, and none of the grocery stores had it, but I knew walmart had a big pet department... So I figured I would try. And they did have it!!!! (cat saying yippie, and dancing around my feet!!!!)

Then I noticed a crowd over by the women's clothing. I mean a mass of women!!!!

Guess what???? ALL the bathing suits were out now!!!!!! I ran, not walked, ran to the department. As I lamented before, bathing suits in 2X are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. And that's right where all those lovely pump women were congregating!!!!!!

I snagged 2 of them, I couldn't decide, but there were so many women there, and only a small handful of our sizes, I figured I would just walk around with them and decide later. (I counted, by the time I got to the department, there was only 4 size 2X left!!!!)

As you can see from the picture, I said FUCK IT!, and bought both!!!! The black and white one was the one I got a few weeks ago, the others are the new. Now if you include the one I borrowed from Mary, and never returned, that makes 4!!!!!!

I know, over kill, right? But no, I go to the beach. And if you've ever spent time at the beach, the sand, saltwater, and sun Is a total killer on suits!!!! Plus I swim in a pool also, so chemicals are also killer!!!

Besides I like the style of a two piece, that covers completely! And this is the second year that they have been out, so by next year YOU'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN!!!! And since my size never changes, I figured that I could pack two of them away for next year!!!!

OK, done explaining my extravagance. GIGGLE

Also I checked out the garden department. During the winter walmart takes out all the gardening stuff, and stacks it full of plastic totes! They were PACKING UP THE TOTES!!! And you know that means that they will soon be replacing them all with GARDENING STUFF!!!!!!!


I did pick up a sprayer. You see I have a gravel lot, nice, no mowing the lawn, that's why I picked it!!!! But you still get weeds, and the weed killer that comes in a can with the attached sprayer is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! You have to keep pumping the handle to spray the weeds..... And I have arthritis in my fingers, so I usually keep switching hands, then just fucking give up!!!

I bought a canister sprayer. You pour in the weed killer, add water, and close. There is a large pump handle on top, and you pump it up and down for a few seconds.... And start spraying. NO FINGER MOVEMENTS!!! Sweet!!! I also picked up the weed killer, figuring I might as well get that also!!!