Thursday, January 18, 2007


Lets see, what's going on here..... Not a whole lot. I was going to Atlantic City, was all packed, and ready, then the night before my ear started hurting, and kept me up all night. Fucking ears!!!!

For those of you who don't know, I run constant ear infections. The tubes that drain fluid out of the ears are scared closed, seems my mother didn't believe in taking kids to the doctor for an ear infection. So Infections are my life! I did have tubes put in my ears when I was in my 30's, but one ear failed after the operation, and the other worked, so my left ear gets constantly infected, and my right is just fine. Sigh It's such a pain!!!

Then one time when I was in my 40's the doctor gave me an antibiotic of an ear infection.... I told him I didn't think it was working.... Two times I called him and told him that the antibiotic wasn't working.... And he kept telling me to give it time..... Well in time BOTH ear drums ruptured!!!! Nasty business!!! Now both ears drums have holes in them from the rupture, so if I even get a drop of water in my ears...... Here comes the infections!!!!!

So, I'm suffering, but it's old shit, and I'm used to it by now.

I've also decided that at the big convention coming in July, Shore Leave, that I'm going to become a dealer, and have ordered a table for myself!!!!! YIPPPIIEEEEE. I'm going to be selling witchie stuff, and my sister will join me and sell jewelry, and my daughter has some idea's for stuff too..... So it should be really cool!!!!

Dealers get a lot of perks with the con, and free passes, and more, so I think I'm going to enjoy this!!!!!!!! Plus it gives me more to do then sit at the pool, and I'll make money at the same time. I'm really looking forward to this!! Plus the hotel, for some odd strange reason, gave me a coupon for a free weekend, and free breakfast for 2.... So It's going to cost me almost nothing!!! I can't resist free, who could?

Oh, and it's finally gotten cold here!!!! In the mid 40's during the day (still like 20 deg. Warmer), but after 60 deg. Weather, IT'S COLD!!! And today we had some SNOW FLURRIES!!!! Just a few minutes of them, and then it all turned to rain.... But it was SNOW!!!!

What else? Oh the Chiller convention for this month was cancelled, do to problem with the hotel, they have now changed hotels, and it will be in April.

And my sister got rooms for Farpoint in Febuary, but on the same weekend is Horror con!!! And she put in for the hotel there also.... So depending on the weather...... Farpoint is in MD and it's a 3 hour drive, and Horror con is right here, less then an hour away!!! So if the weather is bad, we stay here, and if it's ok, we go there. LOL Confusing, but we have hedged our bets with the weather, and we'll go to one of the cons! GIGGLE