Monday, January 29, 2007

Mess, mess, mess

My house is a MESS again!! Charlie (Barbs hubby) and his brother Robo Cop, brought back my dining room set yesterday! WOW, she's had it as her kitchen set for like 5 years, and it's in PERFECT CONDITION!!! Now there's someone who knows how to take care of stuff, unlike Mary who ruined EVERYTHING I ever lent her!!!

But the place is a mess! Until I get a computer desk (now remember, I didn't expect it back for a few weeks, so I wasn't prepared!) the table is pushed up against the window, so that I can connect the computer. Once I get a desk, the computer will go in my bedroom, and the table will go to it's proper position, and I'm going to put the nice, but big, light fixture I bought above it.

The light fixture, that I tried to give away, wasn't good if there was no table below it, it came down too low, but with the table, it's at the perfect height! So, I'm happy Jamie or Eileen couldn't use it! GIGGLE It's pretty, black wrought iron and amber shades.... Nice.

The china cabinet is HUGE!!!!! I would have it all set up, but Barb forgot the hooks for the shelves, so it's standing empty right now. But once the hooks come, (she's sending it express mail) I'll empty out the doo daads in the overhang kitchen cabinet, then I'm taking that cabinet down, so the breakfast bar is easier to use.

I'll post pictures when it's all set up and done!