Monday, January 29, 2007

It's all BARBARA'S FAULT!!!!

I could kill her!!!! The nerve of her returning my dining room set that I gave her 5 years ago!!!! OHHHHHHHH MY ACHING BACK, KNEES, AND OTHER IMPORTANT MUSCLES!!!!

GIGGLE Who would think that one good thing could backfire into a million other things. SIGH

Well I got the dining room set back, and that I'm happy about, but I didn't expect it.... I gave it to her when I moved back to East Brunswick, and the house I bought didn't have a dining room.... sooooo, what good is a dining room table and china cabinet?

Ok, I digress..... Do that some times. Well, with the dining room furniture back, I needed to make some changes. Where the dining room is, I had a desk and my computer. So I had to move the computer into my room. Now the desk wouldn't fit, so I had to emply it, and lug it outside for the garbage.... Big desk, pain in the ass.

So, I went and got a smaller desk at "Big Lots" This one is small, fits in my bedroom perfectly.... And was in a zillion pieces!!!!! I HATE PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER!!! But, on the plus side it was only $29.00. So I spent 3 hours piecing it together, screwing screws and putting on odd pieces of nobs and stuff.... But I have a desk!

Then moving the computer and all the equipment to another room, figuring out how to hook it all back up, and crawling around under the desk plugging it all in!!!

Now the good part. My old flat monitor had died and Jaime and Mark gave me an old one of theirs. It's a monster. H U G E!!!! And guess what? Wouldn't fit on the damn desk!!!! It was too big!!!!

So off to BJ's to buy a flat screen monitor. Made a major bargain!!! Got a 19 inch one with speakers attached for only $129.99 plus tax! I LOVE BJ'S!!!

But that meant taking the old one, unplugging all the shit, and plugging it all in again. But nice, but too damn low!!!! I had to bend my neck to see the monitor.... See, it is a student desk, so it's small and low. Sucks!!!

Now I have it all figured out!!! Got my printer, and put it UNDER THE MONITOR!!! This way the monitor is at the right height, and my printer is right there. YIPPPIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!

So, this is done then, right? Well, except that now I have to finish the dining room, replace the overhead light with another, and so on, and so on, and so on.....