Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2nd day on diet

OK I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING!!!! Not because I'm hungry, your never hungry on this diet you can eat all you want, any time you want..... BUT I WANT SUGAR!!!!!!!!!

Goddess, I want sugar soooooo bad! Any kind, I'll eat it raw, or processed, or in a candy bar ...... ohhhhhh candy!!........ I'm suffering, but I know that in a few days the craving for sweets will leave, and I'll be ok. Sigh

Now on the second day the peeing has began. You see this diet prohibits carbs and sugar, witch you body needs to function..... So when it's not getting it, it goes to the only place it can to get it..... All your stored fat (OH YUCK)!!!!!

As your body absorbers the fat, the by product is water, and from that the peeing starts. LOL

I'm just hoping the sugar craving stops soon, because it's a bitch!!!!!