Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 4

OK, Day 4 and the sugar cravings have gone away!!!!! Yahhhhhhhhhhh yipppiiiieeeeee

I feel much better without them. Now I have no interest at all in sugar, feels good. I don't know how much weight I've lost, since I'm not checking on the scale.... I refuse to do that, just makes you crazy!

But I'm getting prolonged bouts of high energy! (side effect of this diet, Mega energy) I find myself dancing around the house, feel lighter, and energetic! That's the BIG plus of this diet..... the energy.

So, I'm feeling pretty good, and that's after 4 days. I'm remembering some of the goodies I can eat on this. I'm having at least 2 pieces of celery topped with tons of cream cheese every day, (roughage good.)

And my new fave is fried pepperoni!!! I can't have the eggs that you should eat each morning, so I'm frying up pepperoni till it's super crisp. Yummy. I can do that with bacon, but I hate cooking bacon, I have no idea why, just hate cooking bacon!

For breakfast yesterday I had ham, fried, with cheese. So far I don't miss the bread at all..... but then, like I've said, I'm not a bread person.

The first few days are the roughest. And I'm passed that now. So, I'm going into the groove, and should be able to pass 2 weeks without a problem.

Though I'm glad I don't drink, because for the first two weeks you can't have any booze, and if I drank that would kill me. But I don't so I'm safe.

Drinking coffee with heavy cream is weird! They don't want you to drink milk, but heavy wipping cream, or regular cream is good. So my coffee tastes yummy, but strange for someone that's used to milk.