Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I ran to wal-mart this morning. EARLY! I had gotten a gift certificate from my friend Matt, and I wanted to buy something.

My daughter had given me a DS for Christmas. That's the new Intendo Game Boy DS. She gave me 2 games, but the one I really wanted...... They couldn't find!

Soooooooo, I figured with my gift certificate I would go check out walmart. And they HAD IT!!!!! Now I got my Yoshi's Island for DS!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPPPIE

But, that's not the bad part. I got there so early, that the clothing department was packed with carts, new stuff they were putting out. AND THAT INCLUDED BATHING SUITS!!!

Now, last year I waited toooooooo long before I got a suit, and wound up in the "gradma skirty thingie!) YUCK!!!!!

They only had 3 suits on the rack, that's all they had time to put up. And let me tell you, being chubby is cool, but when it comes to bathing suits...... It's the PITS!!!

You can never find something nice in 2X! And if your not right there, right at the time they go up, they are GONE!!!! GONE, GONE, GONE!!!!

So one of the 3 was in my size. A tank tini. That's a 2 piece that covers everything!!! No skin showing. And it was my color. Black boy pants, the top is black and white, with a halter top. SWEET!!!!

And I passed it by. Why would anyone buy a bathing suit in JANUARY???? 5 Seconds later, I slapped my own face, turned around, and grabbed that sucker!!!!!!!

I am NOT wearing the "grandma suit" again next year!!!!!

I wasn't planning on going to Shore Leave, but since I got the free room, and free breakfast........ Why not go??? Damn, how often is it FREE!!!! So this bathing suit will be fine for the pool.

I'll go back tomorrow, when the rest is up, and grab another in my size for the beach. Always good to have 2 bathing suits!!!! This way, one is wet, and you put on the other..... And down the beach, that's a good thing!!!

SO COME LOCK ME UP!!!!! I BOUGHT A BATHING SUIT IN JANUARY!!!!! Goddess forgive me!!!!! GIGGLE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You sooo need a good smack across the head...who in there right minds buy bathing suits in the winter...not only are we always heavier in the winter than the summer...But I'm so cold I don't even want to think about water, unless it is in a nice hot tub...Next time buy something useful like a blanket lol