Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pleasant news, done grousing!

I order clothing from this one lady on e-bay. I've bought 2 other dresses from her, both were long sleeved!

I tried to get some of her summer dresses, but I was always out bidded, way to high for me! I LUCKED OUT TODAY!

I managed to get 3 of the summer dresses. The green one I love! It's not short sleeved, but it button all the way up and down!!! So I can use it as a dress, un- button some buttons to show a LOT of leg, or I can use it as a bathing suit cover up! Cool. And it cost me just $10 each..... Compared to the bidding witch ususaly goes up over $40 dollars each

The second one is short sleeved, so it's cool for the summer too. I got that one in 2 colors!

I'm really happy with it. I love the long sleaved ones, but they are just not practical for the summer, even in an air conditioned hotel. Plus, they are easy to wash, never seem to wrinkle, and they tie in back..... so you can make them as tight, or as lose as you want to.