Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yea Goddess!!!

Well yesterday was interesting.

Elizabeth (my granddaughter) scratched her cornea on a toilet paper roll..... How? No one's sure, but she's fine.

Then the Merlin jumped out of my son's bedroom window!!! Seems another cat had the balls to sit on the patio out side the window!!! Merlin is very protective, and the boy had the window open. Seems Merlin is stronger then the screen. LOL but he's fine too.

Then I found out that my fathers sister (his only one) passed away yesterday. I haven't seen her in years..... But I think I'm going to stop by the funeral, since it's just down the street from me. SIGH Interesting week so far. Wonder what else is going to happen!!!

That leaves me with only one older relative, my Aunt Harriet, and she better stay healthy!!!!!!!!