Sunday, January 21, 2007

What is it about Star Trek Conventions???

Why do I keep going to them. This July is Shore Leave 29, and out of all of them I missed 2 of them. Both times because my water heater went, and fixing it took all my money..........

But even after all these years, I can't for the life of me figure out why I go to them???

It's not the people, OK, there are a few really nice people there, mostly my friends, but most of the people are more then a little freaky, and on the overall average, waaaaaaay below average in looks! Yepper, UGLY!

It's not the hotel. Though It's nice, it's no great shakes compared to other hotels. But it does have a restaurant, bar menu, pizza hut, and a snack bar. The bar is nice, but not good service at all!!! Not that I blame them, with all those people it's kinda hard to take care of them all! But, the hotel could get more help..... duhhhhhhh

The drive is the pits! Almost 3 hours thru 3 states. During the winter it's prone to avalanches, and in the summmer, stop and go traffic the at least one state.

But still I go, and this time as a dealer!?!?! Maybe I'm just not up to giving it up yet. I've made friends, lost friends, who have moved... (dear Courtney who passed) made enemies..... geeze, can't take the word "geek" as a joke, can ya. GIGGLE

But still I trod on and on and go back each year. It's 3 days by the pool, and talking and gabbing with friends, and shopping, eating, drinking....... Nope, can't be that, can it? GIGGLE

Who's fooling who, I enjoy it! I don't know why, whatever the reason is, I'm still enjoying it!

Last year was a blast with Ty and Steph in the room, ok, major disappointment that they are giving up the conventions, I'm going to miss them like crazy..... But I'm still going! I guess I'll NEVER LEARN!

But I am trying other conventions on to see how the fit, Chiller, and Horror Con, who knows, I may find something I love even more!!!