Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 2007

It's January 6th.

And I'm sitting here at my computer at 7 am in the morning..... The window WIDE open in front of me..... And I'm FUCKING HOT!!!! There's no breeze, it's been raining like crazy all night, and the temperature is 62 degrees!!!!!!!!!

What a fucked up weather pattern. And the suns not even up yet!!!!! I don't know how warm it's going to be today, but I have a feeling that records are going to break!!! I'm not complaining a whole lot. This freak weather pattern has some good things going for it....

1. My heating bills are at a all time low!!!
2. NO SNOW, that means no slipping on the roads, or having to shovel the driveway
3. No need for a winter coat.............

HAY! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!!! I know why it's so warm..... It's because the first time in like 5 years I HAVE A NICE WINTER COAT!!!!

OK, now it's all clear to me...... And IT'S ALL MY DAUGHTER JAMIES FAULT!!! GIGGLE
She gave me a winter coat this year. So it's gotta be her fault that the weathers so warm. LOL LOL LOL

OK, let me explain..... This happens all the time. Say your really prepared. It's October and you get out the snow plow, grease it up, fill the tank with gas, and get it all ready to use, you go out and buy the salt for the sidewalks, and new scraper for your car windows... You have just jinxed every thing..... Guaranteed NOT to snow that year!!!!!

I used to joke around with my friend Barb, and ask if her hubby had the snow plow ready. Giggle, and if he did, I knew it would be a snowless winter.

So, I went out and got new scrapers for my car windows... The old one's broke.... And I got a nice warm winter coat, and found ALL my gloves (you know if it's freezing you can only find 1 winter glove! Don't know why, but you know it's true!) I even found a winter scarf that has a hood attached, and put them all in a special drawer in my bedroom, just to be prepared. And ......... NO SNOW!

It's just the draw of the luck. You can't be prepared in the winter, or it's just no fun..... So winter is hanging back, waiting for me to stop being prepared, so it can sock it to me! GIGGLE

I'll let you know when it's going to get cold, and I'll know because one glove will disappear, or my ice scraper will go missing, or I'll have somewhere really important to go, that's a long distance away, and WHAM it's gonna snow, HARD!!!!