Sunday, January 07, 2007


WHY IS THAT????? I'm talking hardware. You need a interior door knob, so you go pick one up. Simple bedroom door knob replacement....Screw one off, slip the other on... RIGHT????

WHY DON'T THEY EVER FIT!!!!! The hole's too small, the mechanism is too big!!!! You have to fiddle around and fiddle around, and get aggravated, and have your blood pressure ZOOM..... Until it finally fits!!!!!!

Now, being the complete idiot that I am.... I not only had to do my bedroom door, but the screen door latch also. (broken of course) Well, they had about 20 different styles, and sizes of the stupid BASIC CATCH LATCH so I didn't take any chances, I bought two..... Closed my eyes and just picked the fucking things!!!!

One was a total bust.... I would have had to drill new holes just to make it work.... And baby, I'm not getting out my drill.... Even if I could find it.

The other matched my hole's perfectly!!! But that didn't mean it was easy to install. I had it all screwed in and such, and found, IT DIDN'T WORK!!! The knob wasn't turning the inside knob. Take it apart..... And there is a metal bar the goes inside, and causes both knobs to turn at once.....AND IT WAS TOO FUCKING SMALL!!!!!! DIDN'T GO ALL THE WAY THRU THE DOOR TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!

Right about then, I sat down, had a cig, and a cup of coffee..... And a few minutes later I tried the metal bar from the OLD BROKEN SET, and it fit!!!!!!! So I had to screw it all back togeather again.....

then you have to put the latch on. It connects to the door frame.... But not where the old one connected...THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY, WOULDN'T IT? No, I had to take off the old one, and put a new one in it's place, make new screw holes, and screw my heart out!!!!!

I'm so sick of that shit!!!! ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!!!! HAVEN'T THEY EVER HEARD ABOUT THAT. Make every door hold the same size Knob, make every hole be the same SIZE. HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT??????

Geeezzzzzeeee, can you tell I'm aggravated??????