Sunday, June 15, 2014

The warning spell

This spell is a good substitute for a Hex Spell... when your emotions of fear and anger seem to be taking you over.

It's more for you.... then the other person.

It lets you build strength, and take charge of your emotions to find a way to calm down and seek the solution to your problem!

Light a Black Candle and say:

My blood turns black and flesh turns blue.

I will curse you if you force me to.

From left with signs and negative ties,

I clear your eyes!

And curse your lies!

I'll call the strength of a plague of flies,

with the blood gone black and flesh of blue,

The evil you sent is back to you!

Now my soul is clean and yours on fire

you mess with a Witch,

You get burned, you liar!!!

repeat over and over as the candle burns, till your anger fly's away!